The 30 days began.. it wasn’t going to be that long, right?

During the first week of the 30 days I found myself heading to the grocery store 3 times and spending half my day in the kitchen.  I had a new appreciation for housewives of the early days.  I felt like I was always chopping and washing fruit and veggies.  The second week I got smarter.  My  husband and I planned out our meals for the week.  You might be wondering where did I get all the recipes.  BLOGS and websites.  I found other people eating Whole 30 and I started trying out new recipes.  Now if you have known me, you might realize that this is the week I took myself out of my food box.  I had very limited tastes and didn’t like many combinations of foods.  I had to venture out if it was going to work.  So I found 4 new recipes and made a grocery list.  The book calls for many organic veggies and beef.  We did some of each.  We found that we were eating a great deal amount of meat to help with the cravings.  Three meals a day with no snacks.  The fruit at the end of each meal really helped.  

The second week ended feeling much more successful.  Work had started and in September the life of a school teacher, well let’s say is just school!  So I was still spending way more time in the kitchen then wanted.  In the third week I realized that if I did my prep work of the veggies and things mixed in my recipes on Sunday then it would just be ready.  This helped out a great deal!  I also made my guacamole and salsa on Sunday and used it all week on my eggs.  It really helped make eating eggs much more tolerable.  By the end of the second week I was discovering that food was having so much flavor.  There were foods that I just loved and they tasted so good!  I wasn’t missing eating out but I was missing the social aspect.  I started keeping track of the days left.  

But as the days went by I started doing more research for recipes and trying more great new foods for me.  I loved the food.  I also found that there would be restaurants that shared the same beliefs I was developing and could make smart choices when the 30 days were done.

I didn’t really have any cravings and I didn’t have any of the headaches my husband got.  I think it helped that I cut out soda several months before.  I did find a new appreciation for seltzer and now can’t think of even picking up a soda.  By Day 20-22 my husband and I decided why would we want to stop eating this way.  We were feeling so much better, we had more energy, and I didn’t need snacks.  

So when the 30 days came to an end, we didn’t stop.  We continued eating this way several months later.  We did do the introductory phase where you add back in dairy.  We decided that cheese on occasion was cool with us.  I also put some half in half in my coffee.  Not alot, just enough.  When the holidays came we did enjoy some paleo treats.  Chocolate seemed to be an important add in every now and then.

AS the new year approaches we are going back with the whole 30 with a meal or two a week that is more paleo.  We just feel better.  After eating a few meals at relatives that were not paleo or whole 30 you can totally tell the toll it takes on your body.  My stomach will hurt, the bathroom is a frequent visit after a meal, headaches, and shakes can even happen.  It just makes us feel crummy.  

So have you tried something different?  Maybe this will inspire you to try a new food, new recipe, or a new way of eating.  Need help, need inspiration?  Just ask.  I would love to help!


6 Months

6 Months

Finally reaching 25 pounds of a loss deserves it’s own post! 6 months of crossfit and 4 months of clean eating. I feel proud but yet think I hope the next 25 comes off even faster.

Don’t we always have that in the back of our mind. We accomplish this and hope to do even greater things in the future. Always seeking for something more. So as I am writing this blog, I am trying to just live and feel accomplished with this milestone. Looking back and changing my eating and workouts all in 6 months. WOW!

That’s all I am going to say.. WOW! I did it, and I know anyone reading this can to!