Small steps could be your 2014 change

Today is the day many people set out to create a resolution for the new year. I too have done one for the past three years and actually kept them. Many other years though, they were often forgotten or I talked myself out of ever being able to accomplish it. Three years ago I decided to read for pleasure 10 minutes a night and that one was a success. From there I started to see that my resolutions needed to be something I really was determined to accomplish. But isn’t that something we always feel and then our self talk often though provided us a way out of it. This year I pose a new way of looking at your resolution.

As I reflected on the first 6 months of my journey I realized that the small steps toward my big goal were the hardest. The mini steps are the ones you talk yourself out of. So I think this year I will make a resolution that supports and celebrates the small steps I make toward my goals. It also is important for me to set a time frame that is doable. Once a month I am going to make and celebrate a small step toward achieving my goal.

You might be asking what small steps might I refer to. Well, maybe it is getting to the gym 4 times a week instead of my usual 3. That way I have several weeks to get it right in the month. Or maybe it is trying 2 new recipes each month. Another might be just taking my measurements or stepping on the scale instead of talking myself out of it because I am scared of what the results will be despite my hard work I have put in.

Celebrating. Now that is important. But my celebrating needs to be positive. Maybe it is just a positive mantra that I say to myself all day or spending time with my dog. (If you know me spending time with Chesapeake, my yellow lab, is the greatest thing for me) Or maybe it is putting stars on my calendar. One of my good friends has helped me celebrate several accomplishments over the past 6 months by going on a walk with friends, doing birthday Burpees with me, or Burpees for every pound I have lost.

So I leave you with an idea. Make your resolution doable, positive, BUT small! Small steps are the important ones. Enough small steps and you will get to that big one! So, what is your first small step?


2 thoughts on “Small steps could be your 2014 change

  1. I recently saw an idea for an inspiration jar. Just take a mason jar (or whatever) and look for those small, or large, successes and jot them on small pieces of paper. Drop them in the jar and at the end of the year open the jar up and read all the ways you were wonderful during the year. The idea included all kinds of things, but you could focus it on your current healthy journey. Just a thought… Keep up the good work!

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