A second whole 30 starts … Should be easier this time, right?

My husband and I decided to get back to our whole 30 eating by joining some friends at the box while they also start a whole 30 journey. Today was day 1. It was successful and tricky.

I got a vitamix for my birthday and decided to do some green juice that a friend of mine would rave about to cure just about anything. Over the past week I have had some sinus pressure and headache. A few friends have said it was cause of my eating habits not being the best, but my allergist said I have sinus fluid but no infection. Okay. So it made me wonder. I decided to make the green juice (kale, parsley, mint, cucumber, green apple) it was from makeitnaked.com. (Don’t start about the name of the website-it is all about clean eating!) it tastes really good and boy did I want to drink the whole batch! That was the tricky part. 🙂

My husband and I have decided to eat more veggies this time. Well, I decided we needed to do that. I was talking to a friend right after my first whole 30 and she made a comment that something she tries to do is to always have a side veggie in addition to any veggies that are already in your main dish. So tonight we had stuffed peppers. I put lean beef, sausage, onions, and tomatoes in a pepper. It was delish! I also added a side salad. I wouldn’t have done this last time, I would have just counted the peppers as the veggie. We will see how it goes.

I am thankful for my crossfit whole 30 family that are also on this journey. A supper group is so important! Especially with sharing recipes. Sometimes you just don’t have the ideas make your meals in the week different then last week.

How are your small goals going! I celebrated that I got up Friday morning at 6 to go to the 7 am crossfit! It was a vacation day for me and we had gotten some snow/ ice the day before so my car required some scraping. That was a victory. Just getting there sometimes is all the victory you need to have for the day. I foresee this happening again to me tomorrow. 5 am alarm for 6 am class before the first day back at work in two weeks. If anyone has any ideas for a new career path for a teacher of 14 years with a masters degree, please do let me know! If anyone can help me get a whole30/paleo cooking show let me know! I think it is something we are in need of. 🙂

Remember celebrate those small goals and just change one thing this week. What will you change?


3 thoughts on “A second whole 30 starts … Should be easier this time, right?

  1. Update: My recipe for the stuffed peppers was a combination of several recipes together. Basically I cleaned the peppers and cut them in half. Cooked them for 20 min at 350 while i then cooked beef and 4 sausages with half an onion. You can dice or cut the onion into long slivers. I also added 3 tablespoons of hot sauce. After that was cooked I put it in the peppers for another 20 min. If I wasn’t on Whole 30 I would have added some cheese on top. I thought about adding some avocado on top.

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