It starts from within…

Over the several months I have been struggling with thinking positively and celebrating the success that I have achieved. After a conversation with a friend I realized that my new mantua needs to be it starts from within. It starts with my attitude about myself. Compliments from others are awesome but to truly be happy I need to feel it. Many friends lately have complimented me and have helped bring me back to noticing my hard work is paying off and have been helpful putting me in check. But I need feel it. I need to believe it. I am now on a journey if changing my thinking to be more positive and it starts with my mantra.

This also goes along with celebrating the small steps. I do have many small steps to celebrate. Recently I went shopping and bought clothes two sizes smaller. Yes. You read that right. Two sizes! I can look in the mirror and think hey that girl looking back has got style. Well some days! We all have our moments. I RX’d my first WOD. For those non-crossfiters out there – I was able to do the prescribed weight and movements without any scaling. Wahoo!! Wait. I think there are several more too. That does tell me it has been too long for my update and post.

I have kept to a very paleo life style. Some days are more whole 30 and have developed a comfort with cooking and knowing what to eat. There is always more to learn.

Short post. I need to go and say my mantra over in my head a few times.

What have you tried? Any celebrations?



A second whole 30 almost done…wait where did the time go?

Well 20+ days into my second whole 30.  WOW.  This time I had new challenges that I didn’t pay attention to the first time.  Eating out.  Something I used to do 3-4 times a week prior to changing my eating and during the first whole 30 I think I only ate out one time.  This time it seemed it was unavoidable.  What I mean by that is events came up and dinner dates were important to keep which posed the challenge of eating out and not knowing truly exactly what was on the food I was eating.  I probably haven’t been as strict with this whole 30 as last time but I truly believe that the choices I made were the best ones I could and I feel proud of that!  So some tips to pass on.

1) I tried to choose the restaurant that I knew I could be successful with.  It is nails on chalkboard for me when I hear people say you choose the restaurant cause you are the picky eater or have special things to worry about.  AGH!  I had to take in those comments and just say yup, I do choose to eat differently and it is okay.  So getting to choose the restaurant can work in your favor.  For me it is I don’t want to make it about me  and I consider other peoples choices so it does cause me anxiety to have to make the decision for everyone.  I work on being okay with it and make me first when others decide they don’t care.  I researched menus and looked for restaurants that are farm to table, know that they don’t mind me altering the menu, and have higher quality meats.  I mean every place I can make work but if I am going to be given a choice then I might as well have some things to think about when looking for one that will work.

2) At the restaurants I asked questions.  Lots of questions.  What is the meat marinated with? How is the meat cooked? What seasonings do you use?  I asked for a gluten free menu. I made sure to ask for grilled items with no seasoning, steamed veggies or salads.

3)You have to be confident in your choices and feel good about them. This ultimately needs to be very important for me.  I can’t beat myself up for maybe not asking for something or forgetting to get the dressing on the side or to ask what kind of oil they use to cook their food.  I ate it, I moved on, and I learned from my experience.  I had to take comfort in knowing that the rest of the week I would be able to control the food and what I ate when I cooked and I did the best I could.

So although the best choice is to make all my food, this time around I accepted eating out as an option and did the best I could.  It’s real life and if I am going to make this work, then I need to be able to adapt my eating choices to fit all of my situations.

This month I was in charge of my cooking club menu.  Have I told you how my cooking club has changed my life in such a positive way?  Well- there is so much I could say.  But I feel the most important is the way I was able to join these girls and how they accepted each stage of my food journey and help guide me in a positive way to try new things.  They let me discover what I wanted to change and do.  Surrounding yourself with people that have similar beliefs and goals makes things run a little bit smoother.

I want to share with you some recipes that were on my menu.  There was so many delicious ones that I want everyone to try them!!! I took all my favorite foods from my early 30’s and looked for a healthy version of them.  Healthy is such a widely used term.  I should say I tried to make them Whole 30 approved! 🙂 I linked each word to the blog (website) for you to find the recipe.  Make one of them…delicious!


Zucchini Chips with Quacamole

I love Guacamole.  Actually ketchup used to be my favorite and might still be, but I use quac for most things now. The Zucchini chips (from Dinner- mom Blog) get really small and weren’t as crispy and I was hoping but still delicious. The quacamole recipe (from allrecipes) is the closest I could find to my own personal creation.  I would use a lot less salt then what this recipe calls for!


Prosciutto fig and pistachio salad with a vinaigrette dressing

I could eat a salad for every meal!   This is one of my favorite web sites.  This is from the author of Primal Cravings. I highly recommend this cookbook for anyone considering Paleo as a way of eating.  It doesn’t have many whole 30 recipes but many Paleo that are fabulous.  Or just check out her website weekly for her updates.  YUMMY! This salad has delicious salad dressing and I absolutely loved the pistachios and crispy prosciutto.  I have it planned for several meals this week!

Main Dishes

Pizza reinvented and a new take on Turkey Meatballs

I consider myself a pizza connoisseur.  Yes my friends find places for us to try the pizza when we travel cause they know how much I love to eat pizza! They find it funny how I can analyze a pizza.  I feel it is all about the sauce but now that I have changed the way I eat, it is finding a good crust with a balance of toppings. This pizza recipe I got from paleomg and my friend Krissy changed it up a bit and made this awesome version she brought to cooking club.  I linked her version from her blog. You won’t be disappointed!  Meatballs (recipe from Paleomg).  OMG, life would not be complete without meatballs.  I eat them every other week, so finding different recipes to use is ideal!  The Italian side of me just loves a good meatball! My husband said you could eat these just as a snack with no sauce.  I agree!  You could use these as an appetizer!


Peanut Butter Balls

Okay.. dessert is not whole 30.  But for cooking club you make one for those not following to try and to save for when whole 30 is finished! So yummy.  Peanut butter and chocolate! Everyone must love a good peanut butter and chocolate recipe.  This is the healthy way of looking at this dessert and oh boy so yummy!

Lastly I want to share with you some exciting news that in a few months might benefit you in a way.  I am taking my cookbook virtual.  I found an app that lets me enter all of my recipes in it.  Personal recipes as well as recipes I get from blogs and cookbooks. My goal is to be able to share my recipes with others easier and not have you have to print out anything.

I hope you get a chance to try a recipe.  If you do, let me know how it went.

Whole 30

Whole 30  As the summer progressed I continued to go to the gym 4-5 times a week.  When we think about change and it being hard, well this change was one of the hardest.  But I committed to it and I was going to stick with it.  I have read a lot of research to prove that if a student does something for 21-30 days then it becomes a routine.  I put my teaching technique to use with my life.  I gave myself 30 days with my new workout routine.  Each day was a mental struggle.  My body was sore and mentally I would come up with all kinds of excuses.  I can honestly say two of the biggest motivations to help me through each day was the support system I had (husband, friends, and family) and the fact that I made it my job.

So as the days went by and I accomplished the 30 days I signed up for a 6 month membership.  I was all in.  I had to continue, I wanted to continue, some days I struggled but I was going to do it.  I worked out hard at the gym, harder then I ever had.

One day in late July it was my first day back at the box after going on a week vacation with my mom and it was a mystery workout.  When I got there I found out it was to run a 5K.  I can tell you I wanted to run right out that door and pretend I didn’t show up for the noon workout.

But I stayed.  I stayed because I couldn’t figure out what I was going to say to my trainer Matt to make it seem like I wasn’t a quitter.  He said that we needed to run 10 laps. (I think it was 10 laps, maybe it was more.  The numbers aren’t the main focus of my story, you will see as you keep reading) I figured okay,  I am going to run 4 and then call it quits.  I didn’t realize then that I was already setting myself up for not completing it by not thinking positively that I could do it. 2 months prior I did the 5K color run with friends and I suffered from the worse shine splints and was only able to run half of it.

I started out my slow pace and when I was rounding the corner to finish my 4th lap I told my coach Matt I was done. He looked at me and said you got 2 more laps in you.  His encouragement and positivity moved me forward and before I knew it, I was at 6 laps.  By this time my lungs hurt and every part of my body ached.  Next thing I knew a member of the gym, Mark( already finished his 5 K) and started running next to me.  He said he was going to finish the laps with me.  Part of me was embarrassed, part of me was in awe that he would run his miles and then come help me finish mine.  By the time I got to my last lap several others joined as well as my coach.  That was the best support and encouragement I have ever gotten in a workout.  These people were amazing and they just helped me finish my first 5K run ever!  There was something about this CrossFit community.

With today’s post though, I wanted to tell you about my next change.  I was putting all this hard work into my workouts and I continued to eat (what I thought at the time) healthy.  I was a weight watcher for several years.  I would loose 10-15 pounds and gain it back.  It was a vicious cycle.  I was talking to a few friends at the box and one of them recommended the book It Starts with Food.  So, I figured why not read it.  By this time in the summer I had read 4 other food books and thought what is one more.  I hadn’t seen any change in the scale and felt I had to do something different.  One of my coaches at the box mentioned to me in passing, hey you know it is 80% of what you eat and 20% of what you do.  This was something that just kept replaying again in my brain.  WHAT! I started working on the 20% not the 80.  Well this wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go fast enough.  The percentage wasn’t in my favor.

As I read the book, each time I turned the page or chapter it gave me information that made sense.  All of the information presented was something I felt spoke to me.  It has some pretty radical ideas and went against a lot of what I knew to be healthy.  But that saying of if you keep doing the same thing you are going to get the same results.  So, why not, why not try and change your diet completely.  What is the worst that could happen.  Gain weight?  Not like that hasn’t happened to me before.

So as I finish up my second blog entry.  I have given you a little more background on what happened after I made the huge change of becoming a CrossFitter. I looked to change my diet.  Next blog will tell you the crazy steps and journey of the beginning of the change with my eating habits.

I leave you again with what change can you make that can improve your life in a positive way.  No need to start big, start small.  Think for small change.  Change that is achievable and seems like nothing, but yet once you keep doing it you will see positive results.