It starts from within…

Over the several months I have been struggling with thinking positively and celebrating the success that I have achieved. After a conversation with a friend I realized that my new mantua needs to be it starts from within. It starts with my attitude about myself. Compliments from others are awesome but to truly be happy I need to feel it. Many friends lately have complimented me and have helped bring me back to noticing my hard work is paying off and have been helpful putting me in check. But I need feel it. I need to believe it. I am now on a journey if changing my thinking to be more positive and it starts with my mantra.

This also goes along with celebrating the small steps. I do have many small steps to celebrate. Recently I went shopping and bought clothes two sizes smaller. Yes. You read that right. Two sizes! I can look in the mirror and think hey that girl looking back has got style. Well some days! We all have our moments. I RX’d my first WOD. For those non-crossfiters out there – I was able to do the prescribed weight and movements without any scaling. Wahoo!! Wait. I think there are several more too. That does tell me it has been too long for my update and post.

I have kept to a very paleo life style. Some days are more whole 30 and have developed a comfort with cooking and knowing what to eat. There is always more to learn.

Short post. I need to go and say my mantra over in my head a few times.

What have you tried? Any celebrations?